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ThessalonikiMuseum of Illusions Thessaloniki

Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki | Where illusions become real

The Museum of Illusions, Thessaloniki, is filled with fascinating optical illusions that open your eyes and mind to a different way of perceiving the world around you. You will be amazed as your eyes see things that seem to defy the laws of physics! Read on to find all the information you need to plan a hassle-free visit to this unique museum.

Why visit the Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki?

Why visit the Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki?
  • Family-friendly: The museum is a delightful place to enjoy with all members of your family – from the youngest to the oldest! 
  • Unique perspective: The exhibits help you understand how the brain processes what our eyes see. 
  • Fun learning: The quirky tricks and exhibits challenge your brain to learn in a fun-filled and fascinating environment.
  • Interesting games: Play games at the gift shop to keep your child engaged while developing their hand-eye coordination and helping them learn basic problem-solving. 
  • A treasure trove of photos: Get some bamboozling pics and create memories that will fascinate your friends and family.

Plan your visit to the Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki

Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki Timings


  • Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM

Last Entry: One hour before closing time.

Best time to visit: Plan your visit on weekdays to avoid crowds.

Address: Doxis 5, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece 
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Getting there:

Facilities at Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki
  • Restrooms
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Wheelchair accessibility with wheelchair friendly restrooms
Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tips
  • Book tickets online: Book your Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets online in advance to ensure guaranteed entry and save time.
  • Luggage: Keep your hands free. Avoid carrying heavy bags and backpacks in the museum.
  • Carry ID proof: Please carry an ID proof/passport, especially if you are a foreign national.
Dining near Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki
  • Sofi’s House Restaurant: Located quite close to the Museum of Illusions, Thessaloniki, this spot has affordable prices and a cozy ambiance with freshly cooked food served by friendly staff.
  • Charoupi: It is an informal restaurant that serves traditional Greek and Crete food near the Museum of Illusions
  • Beyond The Walls: Located near the ancient Byzantine walls, this contemporary eatery has rustic chic décor paired with delicious food and a wide variety of meal options. 
  • Full Tou Meze: It is a small restaurant that serves great food and is relatively pocket-friendly with a great ambience.
Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki - Nearby attractions
  • Heptapyrgion of Thessaloniki: Get a bird’s eye view of the city, port, and the Aegean Sea. These ancient walls have been around since the 4th century. 
  • Museum of Byzantine Culture: As one of the most important museums in Thessaloniki, it showcases the city's history from the early Byzantine period to the Turkish occupation.
  • White Tower of ThessalonikiThessaloniki’s White Tower, built by the Ottomans in the 12th century, is a unique monument that has been used as a fortress, tower, and prison. Immerse yourself in the history that echoes in its walls. 
  • Cathedral Church of Hagia Sofia: This ancient Church is full of frescos and artwork from the Byzantine period. 

Frequently asked questions about Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets

How much is a ticket to the Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki?

The starting price of Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets is €11. This includes a general entry to the museum.

How to book tickets to the Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki?

You can book your Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets online or at the venue. We recommend booking them online as it is convenient, guarantees your entry, and helps you avoid standing in long queues at the ticket counter.

Why should I book Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets online?
  • Booking Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets online has many advantages, like:
    -Assured entry: Tickets may not be available during peak seasons. Therefore, it is better to book tickets online so you can enter the museum on your preferred date and time.
    -Discount: When you book tickets online, you can avail special discounts and offers not available at the ticket counter.
    -Free Cancellation: You also get the benefit of canceling your tickets up to 24 hours before the visit and getting a full refund.
    -Customer service: Online ticket booking gives you access to customer support services by phone, email, or chat, so you can clarify or resolve issues quickly.
What do Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets include?

 Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets include a tour of over 12 exhibits inside the museum, including the Infinity Room, Kaleidoscope Exhibit, Head on a Platter Exhibit, and many other exciting exhibits. 

What is the cancelation policy for Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets?

You can cancel your Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tickets up to 24 hours before the date and time of entry mentioned in your ticket and get a full refund.

What are Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki opening hours?

Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki stays open from 11 AM till 9 PM during weekdays (Monday - Saturday) and from 11 AM till 8 PM on Sundays.

How long does it take to complete a Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki tour?

The tour of the Museum of Illusions takes approximately 1 hour, but it can differ depending on how much you spend on each exhibit.